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Magic Leverag-high-speed changing hair curlers Styling for your human hair extension

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Magic Leverag-high-speed changing hair curlers Styling for your human hair extension

Post by servehairwondepot on Mon 03 Sep 2012, 11:48 pm

Operation Steps
(1). Control the hair at 60%-70% of humidity of the zone.
(2). Make stick according to the shape that you want.
A. Count the stick with cirde that you want.
B. Aelect the stick flow direction of veins.
C. Select the stick according to the different flowered shape size.
(3). Select the liquid medicine and the time according to the hair.
Colding perm time: Healthy hair 15-25mins.
Damaged hair 8-15mins.
Hotting perm time: Healthy hair 8-15mins
Damaged hair 5-10mins.
(4). Wash and clean the hair.
(5). Dry the hair with towel after then fix the shape 8-15mins.
(6). Remove the stick, washing hair and styling hair.

No chemical damage any more to your hair and beautify u hair with fast way.
Curl former:
1.Easily operate
2.Perm,do not high temperature
3.Different package
4.SIze can be made to customer need

PET maked new designed export packing hair roller
1.Imagine beyond the speed of "fast"
2.Does not require any auxiliary items:a significiant cost savings
3.Medicine from time to timecontact with the scalp
4.Perfect lock-follow
5.Freedom to control the texture
6.Easy to solve the problem of broken hair on the bar
7.Tension-type even easier to spend the flexibility to make consistent
8.No traces of pressure rhizogenes
9.And very uniform infiltration
10.easily without feeling
11.Fat discounts will not be edgy take along phenomenon
12.No technicalk difficulty

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