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Extreme damage!!

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Extreme damage!!

Post by aubreyg5 on Thu 29 Nov 2012, 1:20 pm

Okay ladies..I need some serious help. Last January I got a lovely "chemical cut". I have red hair-very vibrant red hair with blonde streaks in it, that I was stripping to go to a strawberry blonde. The girl who did it, went to cosmetology school with me, and I thought she wouldn't be dumb enough to put bleach on bleach and anything over a 20 volume, welp she did. She put a 30 or 40 volume on my whole head, stuck me under a dryer- I should have known better but she assured me it would be fine, and needless to say my long thick shiny hair turned into spagetti. I couldn't even get it wet for over a week. It was horrible. Clumps coming out, it breaking off to about 3 inches from my scalp- my hair was probably 16-18inches long. I had to cut bangs and basically short layers all over. I tried to salvage the lenght as much as possible, but it just keeps getting shorter and shorter. I haven't gotten a hair cut since september, but it keeps snapping off in the back, I have the lovely mullet thing going on. Needless to say I bought the hair wefting tape and made my own extentions, I have had them in for about 6 weeks and I could feel the glue on the tape exposing and they were catching other hairs so I took them out last night. And boy was I in for a horrible surprise! The hair in the back and underneath seems shorter and more damaged! The hair that is on top of my head is finally healthy because I cut so much of it off, but the back just keeps snapping and breaking! I would love to reinstall the wefts- but now I am wondering if I am doing more harm than good? Should I not put in the hair? I am worried I am doing irreversable damage! It has almost been a year and my hair keeps getting shorter and shorter! I am so upset, I was always the one with beautiful think long hair and now it is a mess, a mullet and just won't stop breaking! I would love some input or other stories from people that have successfully worn these extentions and grown out their damage. I don't want to walk around with my hair in a clip all the time, I want to wear these extentions, but I do not want to keep losing any progress. PLEASE HELP!!!


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Re: Extreme damage!!

Post by Hair Wefting Tape.com on Thu 29 Nov 2012, 4:37 pm

Hello aubreyg5
oh I am REALLY sorry to hear she did this to your hair and if I were you I would just leave it alone.
I think the tape wouldn't hurt your normal un- damaged hair but if your adding any weight or tape or any type of extension on fried damaged hair then I would think when you did a take down you not only had normal shedding that didn't occur the whole 6 weeks you had your install, you might be braking off more because its so damaged in the first place.

I am so sorry you had this happen to you .. but I think you should give your hair / head a brake and really just let it breath and condition it and baby it until its healthy again.

AGAIN I AM SO SORRY to hear about your beautiful hair being fried like that.. oh its just so sad to read and hear this Sad . Also if you use the tape method again . please only use it on healthy non damaged bleached hair, because we are all about hair growth..
and we want to help your hair grow back not brake it more,, but again if your adding any amount of weight on the damaged hair then it may be just not strong enough for any type of extension method at this time.. maybe in a few weeks after babying it you could do it again ,,also we have single sided tape now to cover your wefts ..so it wont be sticky on the outside or underneath this really helps with no pulling .. http://www.hairweftingtape.com/single-sided-maximum-hold-hair-extension-tape-tabs-p-74.html
well I hope this helps just a little and Please feel free to call or email anytime as we are always happy to help..



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