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Q&A - Shampoos tips and tricks !

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Q&A - Shampoos tips and tricks !

Post by Hair Wefting Tape.com on Tue 06 Jan 2009, 12:40 am

1. Washing your taped in hair extensions,
You can wash your own hair and your extensions with warm water, you can gently massage underneath an around your wefts.

2. What kind of shampoo? clarifying shampoos ,moisturizing shampoo,
clarifying shampoos should only be used if you have a lot of build up on your extension hair,
can be used be don't let the sit on your glue or tape for long.

3. Will conditioners make my tape fall out,

Most of the time conditioners are not a problem but for some girls this can make there tape slip out.

4. Can I comb wet hair?
Yes just hold your tape or glued weft and gently comb through,using a de tangler of your choice is best, but don't spray it directly on your hair, just spray some in your hand and gently run it through your extension this way it will not run down in your tape or glue.

3. Removal / Removers
There are many different removers on the market today and many ways to take down your weft/glue. here are the Removers that work but they work different for everyone. C-22,Pure acetone, Goo Gone, 99% alcohol, and olive oil all can work. It's best to spray on these oil/removers then let them sit for as long as you think best, if this does not lift the really glued in areas, Its best to use pure acetone on a q-tip and dab it on the tape while lifting gently from your head/hair. You definitely need to test different removers to see what works best for you.

4. Is a taped in weft bad for your real hair?
I have found that most girls that do it properly have no damage and have had significant hair growth.

5. Is it normal for my weft to be stuck to my head ?
Yes, when you first install your weft with tape or glue they will be attached to your head for at least 3 washings, they will start to lift a little, but this is normal and they will not come out until you remove them with your removers.

6. How many times can I wash my hair a week.
Most girls can wash there hair every other day if they choose, but if you have oily hair be careful it can become slippery and your wefts will not have the holding power they should.

7. How long can I keep my wefts in ?
4-6 weeks is a good amount of time for most girls, some wear there's for 8 weeks. But most girls have to do color touch ups. It's best to remove your weft to comb out your own hair that sheds naturally and then reinstall,

8. Ear to ear / U Shape
You must be sure not to go to low on your temples because if you do you can have them rub on your ear and putting sunglasses on is very painful - and you must be to careful from putting them up to high if you want to wear a ponytail. Its best to be at least 1 inch above the top of your ear, everyone is different.

I have fine hair and never seem to find a good match to it.

It's not curly or straight but is always determined to wave through dead straight hair you know?
I wanted to know if the Indian hair is cuticle hair or if it's been processed out / striped out

Both RLI Indian and European hair has it's cuticle it has not been striped out.

About how long does the hair last?

Many girls get 3 or more installs with both hair types,
So depending on how you treat the hair it can last you a long time.

Also does the European hair only comes in wefts? YES

Shampoos and tricks

I use this on my own fine hair and my extension hair..
if you can get this shampoos your RLI hair will last for long time.

Joico Silk Results Hair Smoothing Shampoo 10.1 oz
Joico Silk Results Hair Smoothing Conditioner 10.1oz

A feather-light conditioner that de tangles and polishes fine/normal hair.
Guards against humidity and eliminates frizz and flyaway for touchable softness without weight.

And for my own hair cause of bleached out dryness I use old school
position #9
I have been using this for ever I use just a small dab not a ton on less then a dimes worth. just a dab here and there ,,
on wet hair.. takes all frizz or dried bleached out hair and makes it really wonderful when you blow dry ..or if you don't want to try that just

These 2 items and your in for a real treat. :o)

I also loveeeeeeeeeee matrix biolage Smoothing Shine Milk this is for flyaway hair but let me tell you I could care less about fly away , its make my hair and the weft hair so soft you can't keep petting your own hair lolol its that soft ,, but when you use it spay it in your hands and then run it through your hair and the weft hair because if you spay it.
It will make your floors unsafe for you and your children its a
real slip and slide so its a danger slippery wise lol.. BUT I LOVE THIS stuff .. and it will protect your own hair also..

AND LAST I LOVEeeeeeeeeeeeee the smell of this stuff :o)
REDKEN 01 outshine -
and for shine on top of my own hair or extension hair ,,
I only use a little less then a spot on my palm and then dab it here and there
on my hair for shine and it seals my own spilt ends with out making my hair feel oily or dirty.
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