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Post by Hair Wefting Tape.com on Sat 09 Oct 2010, 3:20 am

I asked if I could post this review that was on another forum board,
I thought she really did a lot of work posting and adding photos and thought
for those who have thinning hair like me it really is a inspiration to all of us,
thank you so much for letting me share your info an photos!

Hi everyone,

I meant to post these right after my install, but life got in the way.
I installed on July 24th, so I am coming up on one month.

This was my very first install using Singer's "Really Love It " hair wefting tape and
Liquid Gold. I have to say that I am absolutely thrilled with this method. The wefts
are visibly undetectable and very light weight in feel. They lie very flat to the head.

As I said in my intro, I have spot alopecia and menopausal hair thinning.
With this method, I was able to position some layers rather high up in the front temple area, and this allowed
me to address the very worst spots.

My previous method was using machine wefts that were attached with the copper/silicone bead
locs. I had to rely on a local guy who attaches toupees.....and his method was rather crude and painful.
I really lost a lot of hair on each take down. In addition...I never got used to the metal beads digging into
my scalp when I slept. This method also neglected to camouflage the area where I need the most help.

Being able to take control of my own hair issues has been very liberating. Thanks, Singer! I give your DVD tutorials two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

I took the following pics the day of my install, before any shaping or cutting. It looks a little more blended now.
My wefts are holding tight at 4 weeks.
I did remove and reapply the topmost wefts on each side of the temple.
This was due to the fact that,because of my bald spots,...
I did not have as much hair to form a good bond. Ironically...my remaining hair grows fastest in that same area.

So I tweaked the top most layer about a week ago. This allowed the opportunity to practice removal,
cleaning and reinstall of one layer... and it was surprisingly easy.

I used about 7 ounces of hair here. I actually cut the hair off the original wefts to make these.
I think I may try to work with bulk hair next time.
The advantage of using pre-tied wefts is that the hair volume was already measured
and neatly spaced before I laid it in the hair drawing card.

I am including a shot exposing my thinnest area to demonstrate how well this method filled in the
most vulnerable frontal areas. I am pretty pleased with the results.
Knowing I can do and maintain this myself
has really taken an emotional load off. As a woman, hair loss is hard enough.
It has been great to find this forum.

Temporal Alopecia

Thinning Hair

Nice coverage

I will probably reinstall at 6 weeks, because I like to have a lot of fullness at the top,and the grow-out is starting to reduce that at 5 weeks.
But the hold is super tight....these babies are not going anywhere!
I have to add that I have oily hair, and I have to wash it every day.
I have never tried the other tapes, so I can not compare.
but Singer's tape supplemented with some Liquid Gold has given me a very tight bond,
even on my thin hair.
I think that the sandwiching method helps,
as it gives a double anchor against any slippage.
The blending with my bio hair isn't perfect....but I am working on that.
I am a perfectionist....but I suspect a lot of us are, lol.

One of the reasons I posted my alopecia pics is exactly that....
I hope that I can help out other women who have thin hair or hair loss issues.
This method might not be ideal for a woman who is thinning on top,
but I think it is really ideal for diffuse thinning and spot alopecia.
It might be just the thing for women who have lost hair due to hormones,thyroid issues,pregnancy,bad extension methods or stress.
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Post by Monique on Mon 06 Dec 2010, 12:16 am

The Whole top of my head is very thin. I have Also used micro links on already wefted hair and it covers good but, it is a ten hour job. I am excited to use this method especially if it holds and is easy to install with no additional loss. Thank you Thank you for your pics. I will let you know how mine turns out!


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Post by KareBear41486 on Wed 05 Jan 2011, 10:10 pm

Wow!! This looks really good! I saw this thread on Hair101 forums, but that last picture really shows how nice the seamless weft can turn out on dark hair! It is virtually undetectable, even when completely exposed! Awesome...can't wait to get my kit. Smile


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Post by micro on Wed 04 May 2011, 7:43 am

this is such a great blog,using your ( hair wefting tape) for hair extensions for me are a god send easy to apply.


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Post by Magpie on Thu 05 May 2011, 12:07 am

Monique, KareBear and Micro,

Magpie here. I have not been on the forum in some time, and just saw your comments. Glad that my review was helpful! It is a pretty awesome method because it is so flat and so very gentle. Hope to see some of of your installs as well!

Best wishes.

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Post by Rosey 21 on Wed 10 Oct 2012, 7:15 am

Hello, Really enjoy you post and you did extra ordinary work keep going and I think in some days this methods going to be very popular because of its features.

Rosey 21

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