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Seamless hair extensions

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Seamless hair extensions

Post by Lovelylocks on Mon 21 May 2012, 3:08 pm

I have to say that I love, love, love my new bulk hair weft extensions!!! I have very naturally curly hair that is about 23 inches, but I wanted it to be thick and longer (about 26 inches.) I found this website and ordered the complete package which included the DVD, tape and glue. I found myself making machine wefts and when I finished I ended up cutting off the tape and starting over. I wanted my wefts to be as FLAT as possible, so I decided to make 4 bulk hair wefts. I was scared to death because I thought I would mess up. I watched the DVD over and over and even called Colette a couple of times and she was extremely nice and helpful. I had to order more glue and tape because I wasted the first batch making the machine wefts that I ended up cutting off.

The thing I am concerned about is that I have installed the 4 new bulk wefts and my scalp hurts a little where some of them are attached. I love how thick and natural the hair looks but I just hope there isn't too much stress being placed on my natural hair. I covered the outside sticky part of each weft with extra hair but some of my own hair strands are getting stuck in random places over the past 3 days. I slide my fingers under the weft and they snap in half. Is this normal and will the glue on the weft loosen from my scalp soon? I placed each weft about 1 finger away from the next one and right UNDER the part line and onto my natural hair. I don't have any itching or swelling, so I'm not allergic to the glue. It may just be that I have to wait for the first washing for it to get looser.

Thanks for any advice, in advance. http://i145.photobuc


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